The Ooze (Atama-ii Series Book 7) (English Edition)
The Ooze (Atama-ii Series Book 7) (English Edition)
媒体 Kindle
作者1 Kyle Maclauchlan
出版社 Atama-ii Books
パラグラフ数 23
You are a college student. One day, while cleaning the bathroom, you find something strange... and very, very hungry!

ABOUT THIS AWARD-WINNING SERIES: Atama-ii is a series of multiple-path adventure stories written in easy English. It was shortlisted for the 2015 British Council ELTons Award for Innovation in Learning Resources, and two titles in the series have received gold and silver medals from the Extensive Reading Foundation's 2015 Language Learner Literature Awards.

The Atama-ii series is ideal for reluctant readers or for learners of English as a second language. The re-reading aspect of choice-based stories is an excellent way to develop reading comprehension, speed and fluency. Suitable for individual reading or for use in the English language classroom. Ages 11 and up.

All titles in the series are at about the 300 headword level and include a total of about 2,500 words. Each text page is between 100 and 110 words, and is accompanied by a full-page color illustration. Each story includes 8 possible endings, and is re-readable many times.

ABOUT THE CREATIVE TEAM: The Atama-ii series has been developed by a team of experienced authors, editors, and teachers. Marcos Benevides, the series creator and editor, has co-authored several award-winning and critically-acclaimed ELT titles in the past, and is also the series editor of Choose Your Own Adventure (McGraw-Hill Education Asia), a graded reader series adapted under license from the popular 2nd-person adventures.

Authors in the series include Paul Raine (Atama-ii Series # 1: Journey to Mars, Apps4efl.com, 50 Ways to Teach with Technology); Andy Boon (Atama-ii Series # 2: Zombies in Tokyo and #10: Brainstorm, Inspire series, Discover the News, Macmillan graded readers); James Broadbridge (Atama-ii Series # 3: The Lost Cup); Lesley Ito (Atama-ii Series # 4: Backstage Pass and #9: Tornado Alley, We Can! series and Choose Your Own Adventure graded readers); Ramy Habeeb (Atama-ii Series # 5: Hunter in the Darkness, Kotobarabia); Marcos Benevides (Atama-ii Series # 6: Immortal Empire, Choose Your Own Adventure graded readers, Fiction in Action: Whodunit, Widgets: A task-based course in practical English); Kyle Maclauchlan (Atama-ii Series # 7: The Ooze); Theresa Kannenberg (Atama-ii Series # 8: The North Fence); and more coming soon!

Our illustrators include: Alice Carroll (Atama-ii Series Books #1 to #6, #9 and #10). Alice has been commissioned by the Australian National University, the National Portrait Gallery, and art marketplace Redbubble. She also illustrates the popular ESL card game QuestionQuest (RIC Publications); and Hiroki Funayama (Books #7 and #8), who is an elementary public school and special education teacher in Japan.

For more information, please visit atama-ii. com and subscribe to our newsletter at http://eepurl.com/P8z45

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